Saturday, January 21, 2012

Serenade at the Gate; Part 2 (finished)

Serenade at the Gate. Acrylic on canvas, 12" x 30", private collection.  The Pinocchio-inspired piece from a previous post; finally completed.  One of my biggest difficulties when working with acrylics seems to be value.  Because I work under very bright light, the paintings always seems to have a lot of contrast in the studio.  Another look at them hanging on a wall proves that wrong most times.

This  pic--compared to the earlier version--shows a lot of changes, most of them in value.

Also, my wife proves a great help.  Luckily, she's not so impressed with my work that she loves everything I do without reservation. I rely on her eye often. She looked at the first version and said drily:  "Change the stomach--it looks like a rear-end--or worse." That was embarrassingly true--and something I had not seen.  So I changed it.

This is a detail of the unfinished painting.  The little concertina player could barely be seen against the gate, and I disliked his face, figure, and clothing.

A much brighter and more interesting little guy.  I fixed the drawing problems with his head, and the long coat gives the fellow a bit more mystery.
 The main musician also needed a bit of work, mostly because he was too cool.

Some warmth helped, and also more contrast.

At work on another, and some new stuffed goblins, too. 
As always, thanks for checking this out!


  1. This is a painting that will have new things to offer a viewer each time one sees it because of the contrast between the three characters. It is interesting how I seem not to see the whole most of the time but either the knees, the concertina player, the bird of the main player's upper part at a time. The feet and hands and the knees and the lock kind of intrigues my eye too with all the lovely depth and details you have been able to paint them with. Those knobly hands and wrist are wonderful

  2. I am glad you like this, Trine. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment--Thank you very much!


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