Saturday, January 7, 2012

Terrarium with Stone Hut Completed

 Finished! Something I've been working on for a week, and something that's been stirring around in my head for the past fourteen years. A peculiarly creative student from way back built a small diorama using a hut built of stones. That was actually the inspiration, and I never forgot it.

 This is the view from the top.

And this is a detail of the little stone hut inside--the flat rocks courtesy of the river trail (see previous post).  Wish I was a better photographer--but am very pleased with the actual terrarium.  It's an anniversary present for my wife. She likes it too.

Got lots of advice, ideas, and plants from Ironwood.  If you are in Denver, check out that great store! Their Facebook page is


  1. :) Hi Brittany--Great resources on your blog too!

  2. That is SO cool!! I feel like I've walked right inside and made myself at home! I think your photography was spot on.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, too!


  3. I've been looking at your art, and I am in awe. I am an "aspiring" artist and I love birds ... you have shown me how I am limiting my self ... your work is stunning!
    What an inspiration!

  4. Thanks Sunny and Julie. I appreciate your comments. Cheers to you both!

  5. It's crazy how fast you took me back to high school and the stone set-up I constructed in my back yard. That was such a fun photography assignment... even if Wallace was frustrated with my dead center focal point. I guess the brilliance of it just had to ferment for about 14 years.

  6. Oh geez, Nathan--it's crazy how bad my memory is. I thought I remembered actually seeing the house you made, but it was photos--from an assignment. And I do remember that you were disappointed in Wallace's response, haha. Nonetheless--thanks for the inspiration

  7. What a wonderful and whimsical terrarium! Love it!

    1. Thanks Miss Gladys. It's overgrown now--time to re-plant it already :)

    2. Hope you both enjoy many more years of them as potted plants, then. Or a new larger terrarium! Yay!


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