Monday, April 16, 2012

An Actual "Color Splash"!

 Saint Matthias (detail). Acrylic, complete painting is 30" x 84".

I'm stoked to have this commission completed.  It's colorful and bright--an antidote for this beige-loving country we live in.  Watching HGTV the other night, I was struck by the absolute irony. The title of one particular show was "Color Splash" and the endless commercials all pushed intense paint colors--brilliant aquas and rich purples pouring lushly out of cans. 
And the interior that the "Color" Splash guy designed? Beige on taupe on tan. Dreadful and monotonous, that bland-as-a-band-aid "color" is all I saw being used on that and several other shows. Oh wait, the other favorite "color" seemed to be white trim. "Color Splash" my eye! More like Puff o' Dust.

 Following that program, another designer enthusiastically explained that he was adding color (yes, to a brand new beige great room) using original paintings. Seriously, they were brown and white abstracts--one of which he shoved behind a giant white piece of coral. I'd have shoved it somewhere.
I just don't get it. The highways are full of taupe and white autos (colorful cars have to be specially ordered); the subdivisions--uniform and vapid--are matched by a measureless parade of enforced taupe and beige houses (What really is an "earth-tone" anyway?). Whatever, it's all boring as hell!

Is this brown-surround all born of some color-phobia in this culture?  And if so, what's so scary about the potential richness of a world filled with luminosity and chroma? We plant vivid flowers, visit parks and gardens and marvel at the blossoms, and gasp at the pure-hue-dripping Van Goghs in museums. Then we drive home in non-colored cars to houses with less color than the dirt they're built upon.

Someday I'll be buried in that beige dirt for a long, long time. Until then, give me a world of saturated, luminous, color.


  1. luscious color!! will you come over and paint my car(s)??

    1. Absolutely Ruth--right after I finish with mine :)


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