Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Copying to Learn: Feet and Shoes

Hatching an Egg (detail). Acrylic on board.
Feet and shoes can add an incredible amount of character to a figure!
Below is a peek into my "feet/shoe resource file" as promised:

The Death of Brutus sketch (detail) by Henri Fuseli. 
All the master's works are great places to find interesting feet. Fuseli interests me because of the way he simplified--almost shorthanded--the feet in his prelims.

Oliver and Fagin (detail) by Joseph Clement Coll.
I've loved Coll's cool penwork since college. Even without the title, you know that the owner of these shoes has to be quite a character.

From Tutto Doppio (detail) by Hermann Vogel. 
Perfect, personality-filled shoes! If you like this style and are not familiar with Vogel's illustrations, check out more.

Treasure Trail (detail) (Top)
Book Cover (detail) (Bottom) Both by Wayne Anderson.
He is the creator of some wonderfully weird shoe styles--and other amazing things!

Feet and shoes from Otto of the Silver Hand (detail), by Howard Pyle.
He was some artist!

From Burne Hogarth's masterful drawings to my practice sketchbook.
Hogarth's "Dynamic" how-to books are among the best--look them over here:

And some more of mine:

Imaginary shoe sketch. Pencil, from my sketchbook

 Saint Francis and the Birds (detail). Acrylic on wood. Private collection.

Witch sketch (detail). Mixed media on paper bag.

Mr. Yellowstripes and the Bird (detail). Acrylic on canvas, private collection.

It may be that hands are more expressive, but for character and fun, feet and shoes are definitely worth the study!
Add Norman Rockwell, Arthur Rackham, Trina Schart Hyman--all the artist's discussed in the earlier post (http://tomsarmo.blogspot.com/2013/03/copying-to-learn-hands-by-some-greats.html ) to the artists I continue to study above, for a pack of people who can help you in removing some bumps from the 

Thanks for reading--hope you found some new artist's works to explore!

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