Monday, January 27, 2014

Saint Elmo Continued
Saint Elmo (Saint Erasmus). Detail of the work in progress.

Have been much occupied with various works, so this post is a quick one. I really try to make posts thoughtful and not too narcissistic--tough when the blog is primarily a record of one's own work and influences--but there's too much going on for that right now.

Continuing to layer the pen and ink, and soon to be painting. Since I've managed to put quite a few irons into my fire, everything is progressing slowly--but steadily!
In the case of Saint Elmo, the time spent on prelims has paid off (as it always does) and I'm very happy with  the overall composition and the face so far. 

Saint Elmo (detail of wip) Tom Sarmo

His appearance has evolved much since the initial explorations and since I'm in no way a portrait artist, that happens all the time. Plus, the initial pencil drawing looked a bit too Nordic to suit me. His face will change even more as I add more ink and move onto the paint.

Thanks for checking out the progress!


  1. very detailed drawing! I am wondering if you always approach your work in this way? I mean drawing with ink and than painted with (water) acrylic paint? I believe that preliminary work is always of great benefit. Sometimes , however, I like more sketches than finished piece because of spontaneity and - how to write it correctly - "airiness " of the lines....

    I am wondering to see your finished piece....

    1. Hi Ludek! No I don't always approach my work this way. I am all over the board where it comes to process; I like to change up media and technique, sometimes daily. I'm with you on sketches--art museums and galleries need to show prelims more often. I seem to learn the most from them. I will post the finished St. Elmo--thanks for your interest!


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