Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random but Related: Eggmen, Birds, and Cozy Beds
Humpty Dumpty. Watercolor, private collection.
This is an old watercolor--one done for a show long ago. 

But it suits my post, as I continue to be fascinated with making eggman artworks.

Dug this out of a box in the store room last week. A piece of a larger 
eggman work done when I was about eight.
I was obsessed with them then, and have to admit to being that way still.
Also love birds too.

This little sketch was in one of my notebooks from high school. (I still find Colonial American History excruciatingly boring.) But these kinds of illustrated notes alleviated some of the monotony and got me through many college courses as well.

And there's always been something compelling about little creatures tucked into 
their beds at the end of a long day
This is a page from a recent sketchbook. My favorite panel is the one with the eggs in bed.
And that's where I'm headed now.

Thanks for the visit!


  1. Eggs and birds! Henny approves (and applauds) :)

    1. Thank you, Henny--I am glad my more traditional version of your cousin did not offend! (Please pass that along, Elizabeth, as I heard that Henny is, up in Vegas.)

  2. Love these egg people. I like making characters out of ball shapes. Loved seeing your high school notes. And the humpty dumpty is fabulous -- I especially love that he's being sat upon.

    1. Thanks so much, Joy. Sometimes my egg-mania seems so lonely. I am glad to hear I'm not not the only spherical-character fanatic =]

  3. I love your work and the sense of humor you share with it! It's awesome that you have art you drew growing up. I think I trashed all of mine, not realizing the future value for things like enjoying my own history and Throwback Thursday. ;-)

    1. I trashed a bunch too, Laurie. I have my mom to thank for hiding these and some others from my destructive tendencies :)


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