Sunday, March 15, 2015

Taking a Vacation
Vacations are a time away from "serious" art, but a vacation from all art would be misery. Not that I'm not doing some fooling around with art daily, but there is something different and wonderful about sketching when I'm away from the pressure of the studio.

So we took a short break of a vacation down in the desert, and I did quite a bit of sketching. By no means a digital artist, I downloaded the Procreate app for iPad out of curiosity. Something fun to play with on the airplane, and the sketch above was the first.
Goofing with Procreate was a blast! Because I know zero about it, there's less pressure than even playing around in a sketchbook. (Don't know why I'm stuck on cartouches and semi-symmetrical sketches again. Borders and leafy flourishes have long fascinated me, and I like drawing them.)
Did not mean for this to resemble the filthy lucre.
This one emerged while watching the rabbits and birds from a patio.

Who knows--now that I'm back home I may even learn Photoshop.

(Did a lot of traditional-media drawing in the sketchbook too, and will post some of the results next.)

Thanks for the visit!


  1. Replies
    1. Well thanks, Chris! I'm going to keep playing around with this stuff--it's pretty fun

    2. cool, man ~ I dig~! Just ordered a slew of "scout books" for just such sketchy enterprises on the road, though mostly in alphabet form.

    3. Thanks Erik! And good for you--and me--those alphabetical art forms are among my favorites =]


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