Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Strange Collaboration: Idea and Process

Our logo, crafted by Kayla Edgar

The Idea
Last year I was part of a group of artists who attended Greg Spalenka's fantastic Artist as Brand workshop
 From that meeting of creative minds came the idea of Strange Conversations!
(This banner designed by Cayce Goldberg and Crystal Sully, using artworks from the eight of us.)

The Process
Our group has been meeting at intervals, having very enjoyable and strange conversations. From these we've individually crafted artworks for an upcoming show at Helikon Gallery www.helikongallery.com

We honed the idea, (based on the Exquisite Corpse concept, wiki/ExquisiteCorpse  ) and then each of us submitted random phrases. 
As a group, we ordered the phrases into a "story" or Strange Conversation
The phrases were typed up, cut up, and placed in a box. 
We each drew one to three phrases from the box, and these were our individual sentences to illustrate.

(A detail of one of my works-in-progress, illustrating the phrase "They were always watching, waiting for a change".)

(The artist's process is often to sketch out ideas, thumbnails and preliminary drawings. This is a group of a few thumbnails I drew for the phrase I described above.)

Along with the show, we've created an incredible book that not only contains full color reproductions of each artwork which illustrates the complete Strange Conversation, but also many thumbnails and preliminary sketches from each artist! The show at Helikon will include the sketches and prelims and the finished art as well. Sketches are intriguing--they provide a glimpse into the creative process of an artist. Yes, I love a finished art product, but process has always fascinated me. And for me, it's the most enjoyable part of being an artist.

(Some sketches for the king's face, illustrating my other phrase "For a brief moment, Death loosened its grip".)

(And here is ol' Death, from a work-in-progress detail of the painting for that phrase.)
 Cover design by Cayce Goldberg and Greg Spalenka.
The crowd-funded book has nearly reached goal, but you can still grab a copy of the book there! Click on the link below and watch the video for details and more glimpses of artworks

I'm excited to be part of this group collaboration--please click on each name below to check out the terrific artwork of artists whom I'm honored to know:

We sincerely hope you will be able to attend the Strange Conversations show at Helikon Gallery on June 5th, 2015!
Thanks for reading


  1. Replies
    1. Glad to know. I found that collaboration stretched my creative thoughts into brand new shapes --and that's something for an old guy :) I recommend it. Thanks for checking this out, and for the comment Erik!

  2. Congratulations on this collaboration, Tom. I am glad you got so much out of it and were stretched into new forms of your art!

    1. Thank you Miss Gladys! No question about the stretching, but as you know--it's necessary :)


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