Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On Elbert Hubbard and his Beautiful Book

While looking for a blank ledger in a used bookstore, I ran across this beautiful book published in 1923 by The Roycrofters, a printing press within the Roycroft Arts and Crafts movement community which Hubbard founded in 1895.

I love beautifully crafted books, and this title page has gorgeous font, typeface, decoration, and overall design.

 The pages are a warm-toned paper, each organized like this...

......with wonderful detail.

The book is a compilation of the quotes and poems that Hubbard collected over his lifetime--writings that inspired his aesthetic, social, and political beliefs. I have found many of them inspiring as well--and have discovered writers with whom I was heretofore unfamiliar.

Elbert Hubbard was an influential and controversial figure in his own time as well, and was a self-proclaimed anarchist. He died at age 58, along with his wife, on the torpedoed RMS Lusitania, in 1915.

"I am an Anarchist. All good men are Anarchists. All cultured, kindly men; all gentlemen, all just men are Anarchists. Jesus was an Anarchist." --Elbert Hubbard

Thanks for reading!


  1. Indeed, a very beautiful book! Enjoyed the pictures you took of it. Thanks for sharing.


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