Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Screenplay at Helikon Gallery!

I love shows that feature one theme interpreted by many creative minds. Screenplay: A Tribute to the Art of Film is exactly that!
Check out this show card for the event. To the right (the cover) is Ryan Morse's tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey; on the left (the back cover) is Vinni Alfonso's vision of Poltergeist; below that is Cayce Goldberg's piece--his painting featuring the Star Wars films.

Here's the inside of the card, listing a bunch of fantastic fellow artists. I'm super-excited to have been asked to join them!

There are so many great artists in Denver--take some time to support them by checking out all of their individual sites. Among them are some of my my favorite influences:

I've been posting lately about the process for all of my pieces for the show. Here's a link to one:

Screenplay: A Tribute to the Art of Film, runs concurrently with Muses of Mount Helikon III--another show featuring great artists.

If you are in Denver anytime between now and December 12th, I hope you will do yourself the favor of visiting Helikon Gallery . I guarantee you will be refreshed and inspired!

As always, thanks for supporting artists, and for visiting my blog!

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