Monday, January 21, 2013

Art Resources: Books vs the Internet

Yes, still hacking away at new color stuff, but gave in this morning and took a book break.

The studio at 8 am.
I like books best for resources and inspiration--they fill more than four bookcases around the house--three of which are stuffed into the small studio where I paint. That collection might seem excessive to some, but I turn to it every day. Yeah, I have a computer downstairs; definitely use it for an instant resource or answer, and have thought hard about a laptop for the studio, just as a convenience. But nothing seems to replace the information from my books.

Best of all, when my head is crazy with art/internet/business, or is overwhelmed by a new experiment in painting, grabbing a book, my chair, and a cup of coffee guarantees total peace. I never get that from a screen.

I suppose my reliance on (and love of) books dates me fairly, but does anyone else prefer books 
over the web for art resources?


  1. About half and half for information. 100% for renewal, relaxation and exploring new paths.

  2. I do. I can return to a book dozens of times and find new inspiration. Searching a subject, staring at a screen and trying to remember what I saw and where I saw it takes up precious time.

  3. Books most definitely. They are portable and don't need a power source. You have a more tactile relationship with something you can hold over and over again.


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