Friday, June 24, 2016

Parallel Universe Presents: A Unique Show at Helikon Gallery!

A detail crop of my artwork for Parallel Universe Presents

Very pleased to announce a new show, coming July 1, 2016 to Helikon Gallery in Denver!
This show is the brain-child of illustrator Thomas Haller Buchanan and gallery director and illustrator Cayce Goldberg.

Helikon is known for it's fresh and uniquely exciting shows, and this one will be no exception.
From Gallery Director Cayce Goldberg:
"Helikon Gallery is pleased to host ‘Parallel Universe Pictures Presents...’ this July! P.U.P.P. is a group exhibit where illustration reigns supreme over Hollywood, and features powerful drawings and paintings of posters for movies that exist only in the cinematic imagination of the artists."

This is Sherlock Holmes from my Parallel Universe offering of the movie The Hammersmith Ghost.

I love anything Victorian, and the Conan Doyle stories, but have always wanted to see Sherlock pitted against an actual, supernatural being. Hence this version of my dream film.
Along with your chance to see amazing finished paintings and posters by a group of stellar illustrators, you'll view the process each artist used to reach the final artwork. Each illustrator has the opportunity to show the sketches--thought processes--that went into the production of the final works!

From the chicken-scratchings of my initial idea... character studies of Holmes and Watson... value and composition thumbnails; this is only part of my process.

You won't see this at the show, but using my scary self as a model helped me draw...

...the initial sketch for the Hammersmith Ghost.

Here's a list of all the other fantastic illustrators in the show:
Thomas Haller Buchanan
Mike Kloepfer
Elena Gunderson
Matt Needle
Daniel Shaffer
Rob Jordan
Brooke Vandevelder
Arna Miller
Vinni Alfonso
Cayce Goldberg

I can't wait to see their finished artworks--and their sketches and processes and posters too!

And a huge bonus: Portals and Parralax!
"Portals & Parallax is a duo exhibit of new work by Thomas Haller Buchanan and Willa Haller. Shown simultaneously with Parallel Universe Pictures Presents..., the work in this exhibit stands as a conceptual and narrative bridge between both shows, exploring an organically unfolding story of two artists seeking to pierce the veil of time and space. Thom works in charcoal and pastel, while Willa presents large watercolor paintings. Both artists contributed to collaborative works where their concepts and aesthetics overlap."
Check out more details about both awesome shows by clicking the link below:

And if you're in Denver, don't miss this show!!

Thanks, as always, for your support :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

You Can (and oughta) be an Art Collector: Part One

By Elliot Lang
(Elliot's an artist/illustrator in Colorado. I bought this at his show at a local coffee house a few years back.)

This post, and the next few, are about the joys--and ease--of collecting original artwork. Living with original art enriches your life, the lives of your friends, and the lives of working artists,
The pieces you see are from my own collection. And I'm going to kill a few myths along the way:

Myth One: You have to be wealthy to afford original art.  
Nope. I am far from wealthy. 
Most of  the art in this blog-post series, while not huge pieces, cost less than dinner and drinks at a restaurant.

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites are great places to get acquainted with artists and the work that they do. But few of us really examine art on the internet. Scrolling quickly past a variety of images--and liking some of them--is a pleasurable pastime for me, but there's nothing quite like owning original pieces that I really get to know in-depth.

By Bernie Petterson
(Bernie Petterson is an animation artist from California. Got this one via his Etsy store.)

Myth Two: Art has to match your couch/interior/wall color.
Nope. It only has to please you. 
My couch is green. Bernie Petterson's cool sketch pleases me very much. 
I saw the piano player-piece after discovering the artist on Facebook.

By Justin Gerard
(Justin Gerard is a studio artist and illustrator in Georgia. I bought this fantasy sketch at his booth at Spectrum Live, 2015)

Myth Three: Art on your wall has to be a painting.
Nope. Justin Gerard's sketch is on my wall. Sketches are amazing things in themselves! You get a peek into the artist's thoughts and work process, for one; and two, they are often much more affordable than a full color painting.

What are you waiting for? Go find some some art to own and love--you won't be sorry!
And an added benefit: Your support of working artists allows them to make more art for you see and live with!

Please check out the sites, art, and stores of these featured artists by clicking on their names:

Thanks for reading, and for supporting living artists!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Costumed Life Drawing

I really enjoy costumed life draw sessions. Since I like drawing goofy costumed characters from my imagination, being able to study the way cloth behaves on a real figure is right up my alley. And I love the relaxed, unpretentious, and friendly atmosphere at Helikon Life Painting.
Have to admit that I got burned-out on drawing and painting nudes in college and art school--nude pose was the only rule back then. And yes, it was great for learning the figure and anatomy, and I don't regret the experience, but give me a costumed figure any day at this point in my career.

In these sessions, I'm not into drawing and painting beautiful pictures to sell. I'm into studying and learning more about the clothed figure and trying out new media. Also, since seeing accurate values is not my strong suit, the exercise is definitely necessary and helpful.
I don't mind doing the occasional nude study...

...and these fishy-net stockings were cool to draw.
Partially clothed figures are always interesting...

...but being able to study a costume like this makes for a truly great session. This is Cayce, the director at Helikon Gallery and Studios, doing a three-hour pose in the medieval outfit from his own collection. There was so much detail to study that even coming close to finishing proved impossible, but what a learning experience!

Life Painting at Helikon Gallery happens every Saturday from 5 to 8 pm. Come and join us--here's the link on Facebook:

Thanks for reading!

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