Monday, June 6, 2016

Costumed Life Drawing

I really enjoy costumed life draw sessions. Since I like drawing goofy costumed characters from my imagination, being able to study the way cloth behaves on a real figure is right up my alley. And I love the relaxed, unpretentious, and friendly atmosphere at Helikon Life Painting.
Have to admit that I got burned-out on drawing and painting nudes in college and art school--nude pose was the only rule back then. And yes, it was great for learning the figure and anatomy, and I don't regret the experience, but give me a costumed figure any day at this point in my career.

In these sessions, I'm not into drawing and painting beautiful pictures to sell. I'm into studying and learning more about the clothed figure and trying out new media. Also, since seeing accurate values is not my strong suit, the exercise is definitely necessary and helpful.
I don't mind doing the occasional nude study...

...and these fishy-net stockings were cool to draw.
Partially clothed figures are always interesting...

...but being able to study a costume like this makes for a truly great session. This is Cayce, the director at Helikon Gallery and Studios, doing a three-hour pose in the medieval outfit from his own collection. There was so much detail to study that even coming close to finishing proved impossible, but what a learning experience!

Life Painting at Helikon Gallery happens every Saturday from 5 to 8 pm. Come and join us--here's the link on Facebook:

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