Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Starting to Paint like Myself
Here I am, looking cranky, working on a plein air painting last Sunday. I'm not irritated at all--just concentrating. The morning was perfect for watermedia, being cool and cloudy with high humidity. And it was a gorgeous setting. The photos and painting above are by Mike Kloepfer, who joined me for an early excursion.

Since doing more plein air work (with the DIS Plein Air Club) my skill--and confidence--has grown. Both are huge, as both were needed.
 The thing that excites me the most? I'm beginning to paint, finally, like me. Prior to hitting the plein air thing seriously, my style (kind of hate that term) was not visible in the studies. I'd get out there and work like a dog at painting what I saw, and the works were all over the board. This new emergence feels much better. This is the second time I've used gouache.
 Here is the first--that paint is magical and a blast to use!

On Sunday, we chose to paint the same bridge, and Mike's piece was definitely more accurate. The atmosphere that morning was all misty and cool greys. I'd pre-grounded my watercolor paper with a warm golden brown, so my study looks like a sunny day. A mistake, but I still like the piece.
Here's Mike's--he nailed it!
See more of Mike's amazing work here: Mike Kloepfer's Art 
and thanks for checking in!


  1. Looking cranky?? I can barely see your little face in that picture! However, your paint/sketches are wonderful. I like the warm bridge even though it was "a misty moisty morning when cloudy was the weather..." I love the tones and details in it. Your 'outline' technique works well in it. The gouache looks fantastic. The big rock formation is nice, too, though I like the bridge best. BTW, the big rock formation looks familiar. One of the artists at Helikon painted it, yes? Your paint partner for the day, Mike, his work is wonderful, too.

    I am so glad that you are getting to yourself again. I know I felt that way when I created a couple of wall pillows a few years back. I felt as if I were finally "rememberiing who and what manner of artist/person I was." Exciting, indeed.

    1. Hi Miss Gladys--Thank you for the kind words! I am having a good time learning to mold gouache to my techniques. Yes, one day a bunch of us went to Red Rocks to paint, and we all ended up painting the same big rock formation. I like that--everyone's different take on the same subject is interesting. And it is exciting to remember one's own artist. Just wish I would quit the forgetting, lol


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