Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Scenes--A Couple Favorites

Bird Trapper. Jean-Francois Millet
A few subjects really stick me hard in the gut. Some snow scenes seem to do it, and this is one of them.
 Sometimes I'm not sure if it's because of a memory or a dream, but whichever, the feeling stirred is deep and profound. Is it really only the light--the verisimilitude?
Snow, Real Snow. Honore Daumier
Here is another work that hits my sweet spot. In this case, the light again is perfect and stirring, and that goofy fellow in the nightcap? He's Everyman.
I know it's not officially winter, but it is snowing hard right now in Denver. It's quiet and still, but the view out my window just doesn't measure up to those masterpieces.
Nonetheless, a peaceful day to you--and thanks for stopping by!

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