Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Edward Lear's Legacy

Corsica. Edward Lear

Edward Lear's birthday is in May, so before the month ends, thought I'd add a tribute. 
Especially since his works have influenced me all my life.

One night, talking with some young artists, the mention of limericks brought some 
confusion to their faces. Lear's name didn't seem to ring any bells either.
I sure hope Lear's work is not fading into obscurity.

I love it partly because it was so diverse. He painted drop-dead 
watercolor landscapes like the one above.

Toucan. Edward Lear
His paintings of birds--well, in comparison, I never did understand the appeal of Audubon.

His self-portraits, and "silly" drawings--I'd give a lot to have this kind of genius...

...and the kind that could write nonsense this sublime.

Nowadays it seems that artists must squash any diversity and 
limit their output to a single style if they are to receive any notice or reward. 
Glad Edward Lear's times were not so limiting.

Happy Birth-month, Mr. Lear!


  1. Great man, great book of nonsense and still so inspiring for me!! Cheers, Tom! :)

    1. Greetings, Ludek! Come to Denver--we'll discuss Lear's merits and "drink a great deal of Marsala" =]

    2. I love it! Denver is , however, toooooo far from Artichokistan ! But you know, if I sell some of my painting I can buy a private jet, and than it is easy to have some drink ;)

  2. Replies
    1. You are welcome, Elizabeth--glad you enjoyed the post!


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