Saturday, August 2, 2014

Heinrich Vogeler

 Die Hex mit Eule (The Witch with Owl), by Heinrich Vogeler, etching, 1895.

Recently ran across this work by Vogeler, which was unknown to me. Not only am I drawn to images of witches, ghosts, and the metaphysical, in this particular case it was the placement of the bright whites of the hair, trees, and toadstool. Check out that serene but creepy smile on the witch, and that exquisite door. 

Heinrich Vogeler

Thanks for the visit!


  1. nice, Tom! I like such prints , thanks for sharing!

  2. I know this is titled, The WITCH & The Owl, but she doesn't seem like a witch per se, than as an old woman with wisdom and a love for animals and birds and plants. She is an outcast because of her quirky ways and lives in the forest in her tree trunk home, yet people will go to seek her services when desperate enough. Very intelligent women with knowledge of plant lore, herbs and healing end up in this situation, after all, you can't have a wise woman hanging around next to the doctor in town!. Folks sneak their way to her, as they don't want anyone to know they have any connection at all with her, yet they all do. Even the doctor...

    This is the little story that came into my mind when I studied this illustration. How inspiring!

    Thank you!

    1. That is an awesome response! I'd visit her too. Thanks Miss Gladys :)


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