Monday, March 7, 2016

Character, Outline, and Texture
I'm working on many pieces simultaneously right now, using a variety of media. As always, I am studying--and hopefully growing as well. Three ongoing chases:
1. Character
2. Integrating outline
3. Texture

 The Night Walkers. Honore Daumier.

Daumier is one of my favorite artists. Three aspects (among others) strongly appeal to me: 
1. His characters
2. His use of outline
(Scientific studies have shown that the outlines in his oil paintings are either lithographic crayon or charcoal.)
3. His use of texture.
Recently I've adopted him as my mentor.
I'm continuing my life drawing practice with an eye on character.
 St. Joseph the Worker (detail).
Just completed a commission in which I used both charcoal and black paint for the outline.
And this work-in-progress is a study in character, outline, and texture. It's also prep-work for an upcoming project.

If I can produce a good painting and learn more in the process, it's been a good day. Thanks, Daumier!

And thank you--for stopping by!

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