Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Objective in Object Drawing

Scampering Lantern sketch, drawn from my great grandfather's lantern.

Drawing from life--objects, figures, etc.--never thrilled me as a young student; most likely because I struggled with it. It did not come naturally, and teacher's instructions to "just draw what you see" helped not at all. Bored by replicating something in front of me, no one ever explained to my young-self why it was useful. 

While I figured out its value (as a means to a creative end) in art school, copying objects remains difficult for my short attention span. I sometimes admire the technical ability of photo-realism, but I'll never understand the point of spending that much time with being a human camera as an objective.

 So, figuring out how to tweak an object to suit me helps, as does messing about trying to add a bit of personality. It's a great way to build a mental image library, hone skills, and have some fun.

This clock was drawn from the one that hangs in the living room. If the real clock was this goofy looking, it would please me immensely, but then I wouldn't draw it :)

Being a fan of the anthropomorphic tradition helps too--the illustrations of Sir John Tenniel and many other artists continue to inspire.

This lantern sketch was gestured out pretty quickly using a crimson Colerase pencil on toned gray sketchbook paper, and outlined with a brushpen. Crosshatching was added with Micron pens. A bit of blue Prismacolor and white highlighting--using a Uniball Signo pen--finished the sketch. Hope you like it, and

thanks for reading!



  1. I am glad you have found the joy of anthropomorphic art, because you are very good at it!! Of course, I had no idea of what anthropomorphic art was until I read this!! ~Brenda~

    1. Well thanks very much, Brenda--I will keep at it :) I do appreciate your support for what I do!

  2. I love the Scampering Lantern and your wonderful clock as well! Keep tweaking , Tom! ;)

    (btw, I agree with you about the thoughts of the photo-realism..)

    1. I will never stop drawing LT--thank you! (I am glad we think alike about photo realism too) Your photos are wonderful, and your imaginative artworks are an inspiration.

    2. Thank you so much Tom! I do try every time and sometimes people like it ! ;)


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