Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Prelim Process

Detail crop of a recent painting.

I used to do detailed drawings and transfer them to the painting surface. But pretty sure that skipping that step has given my work a freshness it would lose with all the re-drawing and transferring.

Now I do preliminary composition sketches. Here's the one I chose for the painting above. I get carried away with the details and values sometimes, but I find working up the sketches to be relaxing and fun!

Here's an example of one for a different painting. I like to use red pencil first. I've found using red--instead of a graphite pencil--frees me up a bit for some reason.

This is a sketch page of some prelims for Sir Baffle and the Dragon...
...and here is the finished acrylic painting.
Thanks for checking out my blog!



  1. Thanks for sharing your process, Tom!

    1. You're welcome Kathleen--hope it was somehow helpful :)

  2. Always fascinating to see your process. Huzzah ~ !

    1. Thanks Erik--very pleased to know you enjoyed reading it!


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