Wednesday, July 19, 2017

 A little fellow--a tiny detail from The Wizard.
Helikon Gallery's director and fellow illustrator Cayce Goldberg suggested we produce a book to go along with my exhibition, and I was blown away by his creative approach to book design. Filled with full color paintings, the book features many close-ups and details!
 Bringing the reader's attention to the details within the artworks was only one of his ideas--and it was a lot of fun! As we worked on the book, Cayce searched the paintings for small, interesting components, which he then added to individual pages.
Here's a shot of one of the interior pages. The skull is a detail from the painting, The Hermit.
This is the back cover of Innate Tapestries: The Endless Stage, with cut-out details from The Hermit, and other complete paintings within the book.
 Detail crop of The Owl and the Pussycat.

For me, a great deal of the enjoyment came from revisiting my own paintings in a new way. Studying the details close-up is not what I'm used to--often, painting is a process that's sort of unconscious working, so I'm not always totally aware of what's going into the artwork. That sounds strange, but it's true.
Detail from The Voyage of the Aeolus.
Combing the works for details led to some pleasant surprises about how my hand works with the media, too.
Here is a blown-up detail of the cricket from the painting, Pinocchio...
 ...and the complete painting in the book.
I hope you found checking out the details enjoyable--thank you for visiting and supporting my art!
 The signed, 96 page, limited edition book is available here:

Thanks again!

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