Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Animal Parameters at Valkarie Gallery!
For the third year in a row, I'm excited to be part of a fall show at Valkarie Gallery!

Animal Parameters is coming soon, and my works will join the amazing art of
Please click on their names for links to their sites and more of their art!

Here's a little preview of a few of my works which will be in the show:
For folks who like fantastic creatures, here's a Lava Monster! A few illustrators and I were discussing how to create a stone creature who oozed lava from cracks in its hide, so I tried my hand at this fellow.
I love owning sketches by artists, so I make many of mine available to collectors. And I gotta have a few Cranky Birds in every show.
My animal works are most often images that spring from real animals but end up imaginary creatures.
And dragons are animals, right?
So I hope you will join us for Animal Parameters!
Here are the particulars:

 And be sure to check out Valkarie Gallery's current show Elements and Curiosities, featuring the works of Valerie Savarie and Sharon Eisley!
Also, Innate Tapestries: The Endless Stage--a 96 page book full of my paintings and sketches--will be available for purchase at Animal Parameters. I hope you will grab a copy!

 Thanks for reading, and for supporting us artists!


  1. Hi Tom,

    I discovered your work yesterday at the ValKarie. Well done! I am so excited for the "A Couple of Birds" piece that I bought. I have to wait until the end of the show to pick it up. When I do, it will occupy a prominent spot in my office. Thanks for the creativity!

    Was there something you had in mind when crafting it? Was it a sketch for a particular character you were working on?


    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks so much for the compliment, and for your purchase! I hope you will enjoy the artwork for a long time.

      The red-pencil bird was drawn as a preliminary for a large painting in which a chubby bird was to be used in the border design. And then I just kept drawing and the Victorian-looking bird emerged. Much of the time, when drawing, I sort of get carried away and new ideas and characters spontaneously come out onto the paper. That's one of the most enjoyable parts of the process.

      Hope we can meet at some point--I have a studio at Helikon Gallery in Denver and you are welcome to visit anytime! Again, thank you.


  2. OK great. Thanks for the story, I will attach it to the back of the frame.

    I hope to visit the gallery someday. I just bought the book of your work on your website. I look forward to having it. Once again, I really enjoy your style.


    1. You are welcome, Peter! Thank you for the kind words and your purchase of my book--it's always great for me to know that my work has resonated.


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