Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Illustrative Art?

Listening for Elves
Mixed media (India ink and colored acrylic ink on panel).

My art has been described as whimsical, storytelling, and eclectic.
But I'm most proud to have it called "Illustrative Art", because illustration is my background, my passion, and my occupation. I love all types of illustration, and believe deeply that illustration belongs in galleries and on the walls of homes--not just in books or magazines.

Acrylic on panel.

And I'm very proud to have my work showing and available at Helikon Gallery in Denver. Helikon is full of illustrative art, and because I have an upstairs studio there, I get to see and be inspired by their ever-changing exhibitions, and by the works of the other illustrators who have studios there.

Grumpy Dwarf
Mixed media (India ink, white ink, and colored acrylic inks.)

The three pieces above--and more-- are at Helikon Gallery. Here's the link to all my available works:

In the coming weeks I'll be posting more about this famous gallery in Denver, and I hope the posts will inspire you to find your way there--to be inspired by all the illustrative artwork Helikon has to offer!

Thanks in advance :)

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