Monday, October 20, 2014

Inktober Continues!
Inktober continues, and I've been able to keep up with an ink drawing or at least an ink sketch every day. I'd initially thought that most of the works would be scary or Halloween themed, but Inktober's taken on a life of its own for me. And that's fine--I prefer to be surprised. This peasant-bird, day thirteen, could be seen as sort of witch-y.
And this raven, from day fourteen is at least mad, if not scary.
The door detail above is number fifteen, inked and ready to be available in early December. The surface is a piece of old sheet music, glued to wood.

I drew this bird while waiting to get a haircut on October sixteenth. Used my brushpen and some Prismacolor pencils that I carry in the car.
Number seventeen really did come out of nowhere. That morning the atmosphere seemed charged and moody, and I was having trouble concentrating. Before I headed to the studio, I happened to look out the bedroom window at the neighbor's yard, bisected by a Catalpa Tree-branch. Compelled to draw it, I hope I captured some of the strange ambiance I felt.

And so it goes--Inktober continues.

Thank you for the visit!


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