Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More #inktober: Shadows and Hatters
Inktober's been good to me--been working with pen and ink and throwing in some cast shadows, too.
Inktober has put on some pressure too, so I sketched this fellow while I was waiting to get an oil-change for my car--a time-waster that kept me from other pressing projects.
And then there are the (so far) unfinished ones. But the incentive has provided this drawing and others that I will use down the road.
 I've always been enamored with pen and ink, a love born from looking at nineteenth century illustration engravings as a kid. I still study them, as well as the elegant pen-lines of those great Irishmen, Joseph Clement Coll and Harry Clarke. Just because I study them, doesn't mean I come close to their refinement, but my temperament leans toward rough and quick crosshatching--can't really help that.
I'm leaving you with a mummy-scribe and a wish for a Happy Halloween--Thanks for the visit!


  1. I love your ink guys. I like how you process the shadows. The last one is funny!

    1. Thank you for checking them out, LT! Glad to know you like the little guys--and the shadows too =]


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