Monday, January 5, 2015

Serene Sketching in this New Year
 Finally, January!
I enjoy the holidays, but always look forward to the quiet winter months. Months when I can disappear into my work. The past four days have been the wind-down, so random sketches have been the order of the days.
Just little studies that somehow clear my head of the clutter and get my fingers ready for the next studio project.
I liked this one, but couldn't resist messing about with it more.
The best thing about sketching is that it really doesn't matter that they end good or bad--it just feels good to play.

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I wish you a truly relaxing winter, and

Thanks for the visit!


  1. And with me it looks as I am dependent on right temperature : in the winter months my productivity decline and with increasing temperature I become more active! Imagine, and I am not a bear!
    I like the eared bird, and maybe you are not surprised, i like the first version, B&W.
    Always fun to be here!

    1. Like you, I like the B&W bird-man better too. Warm temperatures are good for artichokes, but they fry my creativity. Always glad to know you have visited, kind sir!


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