Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The terrible Itch
Landscape thumbnail one

The two greatest things about my job (or maybe they're the worst?) are that the quest for ideas and images, and the prospects for improvement, are endless. So I keep searching for new approaches to art, and continuing my efforts to improve.

A commission has gotten me back on the landscape track. I love painting landscapes, but also enjoy drawing goofy illustrations. And I'm always fishing for a way to combine them. In fact, I want it so bad it kind of hurts.
Landscape thumbnail two
 Landscape thumbnail three

I like doing works like the two above, and am most often happy with the resulting paintings, but they are not what I need, deep down inside.
While the majority of the art-buying public seems drawn to realism and/or impressionism, I'm not there, either in my buying or my creating taste. Yes the verisimilitudinous (?) aspects of light are fascinating and wonderful, but I'm getting a bit weary of it in art. Something different is needed to scratch my Terrible Itch.
Thought I was almost there with this one, done a few years ago, then other ventures called and side-tracked the landscape efforts. It's okay--looking back, I was nowhere near the mark.
 Landscape thumbnail four

Am after it again, and I am excited.
Here's a whole sheet of the thumbnails. Lots of media combinations here, from graphite and prismacolor to mixtures of graphite, brushpen, pen and ink, and white ink.
Not even close to what I want/feel/need out of this, but
the quest endures, and I'm scratching. Wish me luck.

And thanks for the visit!


  1. I wish you luck, Tom! It's a struggle, ongoing endlessly. It is good, I think. Imagine you KNOW IT all already. It would be either boring or bad. To keep on the path of trying and exploring new possibilities brings you further.... so good luck! :)

    1. btw, the terrible itch is also known in Artichokistan!

    2. Thanks very much LT! The struggle IS good--there are few things worse than boredom. I am also glad to know I am not alone in my discomfort :)

  2. Good luck! You'll get there and in the meantime, happy scratching! :-)

    1. Thank you Laurie--and happy scratching to you as well!

  3. Your "scratching" is amazing! Great thumbnails- so loose and expressive. You do very good landscape stuff. Have you seen David Hockney's "A Yorkshire Sketchbook?" Worth checking out.

  4. As always, thanks Miss Gladys! I am definitely going to check this out--I appreciate the tip!


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