Monday, September 21, 2015

Screenplay Process: Part Three
The second painting for the Screenplay series is about the Editor. In the first post about Screenplay, you can see the sketch of an "editing machine" by clicking here:  

I'm not one for sticking to factual representations of anything, machinery or otherwise*. 
Here is the new version, penciled, then inked onto watercolor paper. I used a brush and ink for the outline; for the the crosshatching a Crow Quill 102 nib.

I tried out a lot of heads before settling on the one I wanted.

Here's my original composition sketch, but the expression pretty much came from...
...this selfie. Eeesh.
Penciled in and adding ink outline (sorry for the poor quality photo).
More ink with the prelim sketch as reference. The final piece will be 12" x 12".
And a cropped detail of the nearly finished ink drawing. There are more layers of cross-hatching to go than I want to think about. Watercolor washes will follow, and that'll be faster.
Thanks, as always, for reading!
Next up: The third painting in the series; the Projectionist.

*My resource for the editing machine

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