Monday, September 14, 2015

Screenplay Process: Part Two
Cameraman. (Detail)
The first painting-to-be is about the filming of a movie.
This is a detail of the nearly finished, inked piece--pre-watercolor washes.

My resource photos are pretty basic.
For the pillars, I took a photo of a column on my porch.
In another part of the picture, the Bride of Frank has pencilled-in shading.

My own hand as photo ref.
After the pencil lines are drawn to satisfaction (notice I didn't write "to perfection") I lightly shade the piece with a 2H pencil. The outline inking is done with a small brush, the shading is done with a Hunt 102 Crow Quill nib...
...and the zen-like part (notice I didn't write "tedious part") begins. Yes, I love the look--and the process of--layered cross-hatching.

After a constructive critique by some fellow illustrators, I finished the pen-work. Rather than add paint now, I want to ink up the other two drawings first, so next post will be about picture number two: The Editor.
Thanks for checking in!


  1. good post Tom, I like it you share it with the bloggers! Also interesting to see your reference pic's.
    Cheers form Artichokistan :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment LT, and also for reading my posts! Cheers to you too :)

  2. Tom, thank you for sharing your processes on your blog. They are always fascinating, this project is no exception! That's one thing we artists' know too little of- each other's process. Reading what the critics have to say about it is no good, as it is mainly just their opinion. We need to know more of what it really is to create- the passion of it, as well as the technique and foundation. Thank you so much for your transparency and sharing! It is much valued by me.

    1. You are very welcome, Miss Gladys--I am glad to hear these posts have been helpful. Like you, I love the process and most enjoy seeing that in other's work. And I share your opinion of critics, lol


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