Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blob Inspiration

Last spring I got obsessed with blob-creatures. Pretty sure these were dredged up from a childhood spent pushing money into gumball machines. Once I got a plastic eyeball that opened and closed when tipped.

And once I got a green rubber blob with six, rubber-hairy legs.  I treasured both of them, having spent a lot of quarters for a year or so before getting those two. They've been packed away in a box in the basement for decades, but obviously still cast their spell.

Thanks for reading this inane post. 
(To make it a bit more edifying, here's the process: First I sketched these in H pencil on toned paper. They were then outlined using a Pentel Brush Pen. I shaded them with cross-hatching using a crow quill nib and india ink. Highlights were added using a fine brush and white acrylic gouache. The color on the green blobs is translucent acrylic ink flowed right over the gouache, and the white cross-hatched background was done with a Gelli Roll pen.)


  1. What a great story, Tom. And to think, you still HAVE blobs in that there box.... errrr....

    1. Thank you Miss Gladys :) Yes, I need to dig 'em out and see if they match my memory


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