Monday, November 9, 2015

Infected by Art: Volume III
No question that I am stoked to have my top-hatted bird illustration in
Infected by Art: Volume Three; it is a gorgeous, large, and high quality book filled with contemporary fantasy and science fiction art directly from the worldwide competition of the same name!
"From fantastic scenes of science fiction to the worlds of fantasy and horror, this book has it all, and will appeal to anyone who appreciates the fantastic arts. Artwork included in Infected by Art Volume Three ranges from traditionally drawn and painted artwork to work done digitally, as well as sculpture. Each piece of art was hand picked by a select group of judges, including Donato Giancola, Rebecca Guay, Greg Hildebrandt, and John Schindehette."

Check out all the artists (and buy the book!) to see the amazing pieces in their full glory.
Here's the link to the art:

And the link to the book:

And here are detail shots of some of my favorites, with links to the artist's sites (please click on each name):

A big thank you to the judges, and
thank you for reading and exploring these and all the great artists in the book!


  1. Congratulations, Tom!! What an honor!

    1. Thanks very much Miss Gladys! I'm a bit stunned, and pleased too :)

  2. How cool ~ I dig it ~ ~ >

    Steampunky in parts . . .

    1. Thanks Eric--yes a bit steampunk without the hat-gears :) I appreciate you stopping by!


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