Monday, August 10, 2015

Creativity Sparks: The Twenty (at present)

Illustration to Reynard the Fox and Other Fables, by John Rae 

Scrolling through picture after picture on the internet can be a double edged sword. Looking at illustrations keeps my creativity flowing, but looking too much can make me glaze over sometimes, and I lose the point of examining admirable works.

 The Gruegach, by John D. Batten

I've found that limiting it once in awhile helps. Gathering ten to twenty illustrations that have caught my eye, then sticking with them--examining them for why they arrested me--helps me to limit and learn. 

Illustration from his Bill the Minder, by W. Heath Robinson

So I offer three of my current Twenty here. The reasons for the choices are personal, but when I examine them and think about the techniques, no surprise that they've sparked my imagination.

If you are interested in seeing the others, find them here:
And thanks for reading!


  1. Indeed, Tom, I am not surprised by your choice. I can imagine it catch your attention ....

    1. Yes LT--I am not very mysterious, haha!

  2. I can see where your style influences come from. That top one is crazy cool.

    1. Yes, isn't it? I'd not heard of John Rae until recently. To see that as an original would top viewing a DaVinci for me


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