Monday, July 25, 2016

Art Makers Denver 2016!

Coming up fast--Art Makers Denver 2016!

Every year I'm pleased and very excited to be part of this fun and innovative urban art conference! It's like no other art-learning experience. Art Makers Denver offers a warm and friendly environment in which to learn and make new friends. I'm a friendly, patient, and knowledgeable teacher, and my workshops are designed to be easily understood. They feature lots of one-on-one, personalized instruction to fit your level of experience.

This year, fresh from doing a series of character designs for an upcoming animated film, and multiple gallery shows and commissions, I am extra-ready to share everything I know, from traditional to new illustration and art techniques.

So here are my workshops, going backwards from Day Three to Day One:

 Watercolor Techniques from the Golden Age of Book Illustration
I'm very stoked to be able to share my techniques! I've studied the great British Golden Age illustrators for years, gleaning their processes and integrating them into my own work. Designed for children's book illustrators (aspiring or experienced) and watercolor artists, here's the description:
Tom's Day Three Workshop

 Creating Illuminated Letters and Decorative Borders
I love hand-lettering, illuminated manuscripts, and innovative border design. If you've ever wanted to explore these for your own work, or want to grab fresh techniques and ideas, my Day Two workshop is for you:
Tom's Day Two Workshop

 Illuminating Illustration: 3-D Drawing with Forms
If you are new to drawing and/or illustration, or want to expand your creative drawing ability, my Day One workshop is designed to give you the information you need to construct creative and amazing drawings and illustrations onto the paper. I take you through the process in step-by-step, easily understood methods that I use everyday in my own artwork! Check it out here:
Tom's Day One Workshop
Tier IV pricing ends very soon, so now's the time for you and your friends to sign up!

And a bonus: Everyone who signs up for my workshops will receive a gift package and discounts at my online store
Tom Sarmo Store
and at my new Denver studio at Helikon Gallery!
Sarmo's Helikon Studio

Thanks, as always, for the visit!

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