Tuesday, July 5, 2016

You Can (and oughta) be an Art Collector: Part Two

By Irwin Peralta
Irwin Peralta is a Colorado artist. I found this landscape at his booth at the Art Student's League Summer Art Market.

Continuing from the last post  Collecting Art: Part One:

Myth Four: Posters are cheaper.
Not always. Often by the time you shell out the money for framing a poster, your cost ends up being the same or more than buying an original. Yeah, a poster-sized original might be expensive--I get that. But for me, a group of small originals is more satisfying than a big piece of paper from the local mall.

Myth Five: No difference between a poster and an original; both are just decoration.

Sorry, I'll never believe that. Original art is more than decoration. I'm a collector of many things, but having original artworks in my home and in my studio space has added the spirit of the artist to those places. You don't get that from a poster. Yes, when I was a kid, I bought posters to decorate my dorm room and apartments. They ended up faded and yellowed and in the landfill.

(Also, I'm not talking about prints carefully made by artists--digitally or otherwise. I have digital prints of my works, and immensely admire and respect digital artists and their works. I'm talking about posters made in China and sold in stores and places like allposters.com--with no regard for the artists who made them.)

 By Frank Moss Bennett 
Bennett was an English watercolorist.

I had my eye on this piece at a local, trusted gallery for years. Because it was an unsigned painting from the artist's estate, it was not expensive--it cost no more than a night on the town. And I didn't want it because of the artist's name; I just loved the painting. I suppose if I were accumulating pictures for a museum or a public collection; or I cared about status, I'd need to worry about signatures, or the artist's name or fame or something. But I hang artworks on my walls that resonate for me.

And I love landscapes. They add a peace to a room. You need calming? Just gaze at a favorite landscape--maybe study the brushwork and mood--lose yourself in it. That's as good as meditation. Believe me, a poster from Z Gallerie won't give you that.

Click on the names below for more art and info from these guys:

Thanks for reading, and for supporting the arts and artists.

Next week: More sweet originals!

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